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How to Increase Hair Growth with Natural Herbs

Ending male pattern baldness is possible. Blocking DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), the male hormone responsible for hair loss, is necessary to stop the hair loss. That is just the first step in ending male pattern baldness. The next step is to increase hair growth.

Here are some tips on how to increase hair growth with natural herbs:

  • Make sure there are all natural ingredients in the herbal product you choose to use. Using all natural products will add to your overall health. It will also guaruntee that you are making a healthy choice that will be good for your entire body, not just your hair.
  • Ask about possible interactions with any medications or other supplements you may be taking. You will also want to ask about possible side effects. If the ingredients are all natural, there should be no known side effects.
  • Drink Green tea. Green tea is cleansing and has been thought to increase hair growth.
  • Use thyme, rosemary, and other herbs in your cooking. Many herbs offer health benefits and will have nutrients you can use.
  • Take a natural herb hair growth supplement. These supplements will include many herbs, vitamins, minerals and extracts that have been proven to work together to block DHT, promote circulation, and bring more blood flow to the scalp. They also offer the nutrients needed for healthy hair to grow.
  • Exercise. Exercise increases circulation through your whole body, including your scalp.
  • Use herb enriched shampoo. This will clean your scalp, making sure dead hair follicles are removed. Herb enriched shampoo can be used in combination with an all natural herbal hair growth supplement.

If you follow the tips offered, you will not only increase your hair growth, but you will be healthier overall. For more information about how to increase hair growth with natural herbs, visit